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476-692-5 is the first advanced model of 060 EA locomotive created for Train Simulator 2018. The locomotive has a custom script that will simulate almost all the real world capabilities and a 3D model built in accordance with the original technical drawings and blueprints, at real scale. Also, the locomotive contains photorealistic HD textures and real recorded sounds for every action you will perform in the simulator. The 47 class locomotive is one of the most recent modernised versions of 060 EA originals, built for freight trains but for a short while was used also on passenger trains. This is the actual look of the loco when it was servicing at “CFR Calatori” passenger trains, back in 2009 – 2010.

There was a long journey, getting from the real thing to the game simulated loco, and quite a “bumpy road”. It required a lot of pictures, sound recording, measurements and research for every aspect of its functionalities. All these efforts were made to create the best user experience. I hope you’ll enjoy this loco as much as I did when working on it!


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Note: This asset has a licensing system that requires an original copy of Train Simulator game and a valid Steam account.

!  Train Simulator must be installed in default Steam directory: !



Step 1 – Download and install the locomotive
Step 2 – Download and install the license generated after purchase
Step 3 – Make sure Train Simulator is installed in the same location with the Steam program. (NOT in SteamLibrary or other folder)

Full installation tutorial HERE.



The locomotive has Swedish origins, dating back to 1966, when the first one was on the ASEA (Almana Svenska Electrica Actiebolaget). In Romania, electric traction was introduced in 1963, when technical tests began, and in 1966 the first such locomotive was circulated in our country. The Electroputere Craiova factory bought the license in 1970 and started to produce the locomotive until 1991, when the factory was involved in maintenance and modernization. At that time, it was considered the only locomotive capable of pulling heavy-duty trains at high altitudes with a speed up to 80 km/h. This locomotive was also shipped to other countries such as Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and China.


Technical specifications
Type: Electric
Axle formula: CoCo
Weight: 120 t (264,554.7 pounds)
Length: 19,800 mm (64.96 ft)
Engine Power: 5,100 kW (6,800 hp)
Max Speed: 120 km/h (75 mph)


Key Features
Detailed 3D model built after the original blueprints
4 LOD Levels
HD real textures
HD winter textures
Real and particular cabin interior (ICOL TSAM upgraded)
Engine specs build after real traction curve

Custom script that includes advanced functions:
AI sounds and lights
Real speed adjustment mode
Manual control
Speed preselection without electric brake
Speed preselection with electric brake

Dynamic INDUSI system behavior and values for
M/P/R (Freight/Stopping passenger/Express passenger)

Real DSV behavior, timing and functionality
Real ICOL LCD display behavior which includes:
Dynamic Catenary voltage bar and value display
Dynamic General pipe pressure display
Dynamic battery values display
Dynamic Date & time display
Dynamic clock display
Dynamic disruptor display
Dynamic traction disruptor display
Dynamic wheel slip control display
Dynamic static converters behavior display
Dynamic static converters starters display
Dynamic traction direction display
Dynamic direction display
Dynamic throttle bar and values display
Dynamic speed bar display
Dynamic speed adjustment bar and values display
Dynamic traction engines bars display
Dynamic traction current, excitation bars and values display
Dynamic auxiliary services display
Dynamic general locomotive status display

ON/OFF functionality for DSV, INDUSI, and ICOL Display
Lock/Unlock functionality for KD2 brake lever and throttle lever
Real behavior and notch lever positions for Knorr D2 air brake
Real values for FD (locomotive brake)
Real air pressure values
Real throttle lever positions and graduated power control
Real and complete dashboard lights behavior
Digital dashboard displays for speed and clock
Custom air auxiliary compressor
Custom air compressor behavior
Real air wipers behavior
Real starting sequence
Separate wipers and wiper speed control

Separated cabin controls
Separate headlights controls for both cabins
Real headlights intensity modes
Automatic engine ventilation
Winter running snow splashing
Automatic wheel slip control
Pantograph sparks depending on speed and season (Summer/Winter)
Running pantograph balance animation depending on speed
Functional bogey lights
Engine room illumination
Cabin separated illumination
Illuminated road book
Illuminated speedometer
Illuminated ammeter
Illuminated brake gauges
Illuminated LCD screen
Dynamic battery/catenary interior illumination
Opening doors and windows (interior/exterior)
Functional separate sunscreens
Automatic position for end train sign
3D train drivers with automatic positioning
Multiple cabin cameras


Real and unique sounds
Running locomotive bogey, wheels and junctions
Exterior sounds depending on open windows/doors in the cabin
Stopping sounds
Traction engine ventilation
Traction engine
Air Compressor
Auxiliary Compressor
DSV Alarm
INDUSI alarm
Rising pantograph and voltage contact
Connecting/Disconnecting disruptor
High Voltage engine on
Static converters
All interior instruments and switches
Chairs/Doors movement
Radio communication




Special thanks
A big thank you to these great people that helped me in this project!

Claudiu Marian Iscru
Razvan Preda
Marius Asan
Constantin Sava
Paul Argeseanu



After purchasing this asset it might take  up to a max. of 24h until the license will be generated for you. In most cases, the licence will become available in your account right after the payment is completed and confirmed.

It is mandatory right before the purchase checkout that you provide your Steam profile link. If you don’t know your profile link or don’t know where to find it, don’t worry you will find more info about that, right on the checkout page. The license is valid for only one profile, so be careful to enter the link address correctly.

If you encounter any problems regarding this asset fell free to write us on:



This product cannot be redistributed and modified in any form without authors permission.

Redistribution on any other website or forum except is strictly forbidden and will entail permanent deactivation of your account on and related official pages and we will no longer sell to you any of our future or existing products. (Every locomotive contains info about its owner)

Reverse engeneering on this asset or other parts of it is strictly forbidden.
(that means the models,the textures, sounds, the configs)


If you really like trains and what we do for this simulator, please support us by not encouraging piracy of these assets. It’s a huge amount of time and effort involved in the process of creating this level of realism and piracy will just make the authors to no longer publish their work.



Generall rating:

5 out of 5 based on 13 customer ratings



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    5 out of 5


    Bucuresti – Ploiesti* (ma am gasit butonul de EDIT)

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    salut! Dupa un DSV activ si frana pneumatica activata, cum repornesc locomotiva? Multumesc anticipat!

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      Salut, se apasa pedala si butonul de rearmare in acelasi timp. Consulta manualul pentru a afla mai multe.

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        Multumesc mult! Initial nu reusisem sa deschid manualul. Multumesc oricum!

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