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This is the first Romanian real scale route made for Train Simulator 2019 64 bits edition.

You will drive more than 50km through real-world environment replica until you reach Ploiesti Vest station. Along with the main line, you will have 3 BONUS extensions (Ploiesti Cring, Mogosoaia and Balotesti). This release is part of the M300 Bucharest – Brasov project that our team is working hard to develop.

In addition to this, you will receive for FREE 2 LE 3400 kW locomotives, 2 passenger IVA train cars and 4 types of freight train cars (Rgs, Uagps, Zaes, and Zas).

The route contains 20 standard scenarios: 14 passengers and 6 for freight.

In order to have the complete experience without any missing assets (vegetation, scenery objects, etc.) you must download and install a list of external assets (Some of them are payware). You can find the list here.

The payware pack of our route does not contain any freeware / payware content from anyone. We offer strictly our own content.
This product does NOT include the electric locomotive 692, which is available separately here.


Along with the route you will get all the Romanian assets developed by our team.
Some of them are:
Bucuresti Nord station, Bucuresti Basarab station, Bucuresti Calatori Depot, Bucuresti Calatori turntable, Bucuresti Basarab bridge, Grant bridge, Chitila station, Buftea station, Bucuresti Triaj, P.O. Carpati, Romanian tracks, Romanian catenary, Romanian buildings, TMV signals, and many other scenery assets.


You can view the entire route project here.

Note: This asset has a licensing system that requires an original copy of Train Simulator game and a valid Steam account.

!  Train Simulator must be installed in default Steam directory: !



Step 1 – Download and install the route
Step 2 – Download and install the license generated after purchase
Step 3 – Make sure Train Simulator is installed in the same location with the Steam program. (NOT in SteamLibrary or another folder)



Line 300 is one of CFR’s main lines in Romania, having a total length of 647 km. The main line, connecting Bucharest with the Hungarian border near Oradea, passes through Ploiești, Brașov, Sighișoara, Teiuș, and Cluj-Napoca. The section between Bucharest and Ploiești is shared with CFR line 500.

The section between Câmpina and Predeal was upgraded between 2007 and 2011, bringing several improvements to the infrastructure along the route.



– CFR Marfa – 30230 Mogosoaia – Ploiesti Cring (EA 692)
– CFR Marfa – 30230 Mogosoaia – Ploiesti Cring (EC 060)
– CFR Marfa – 30231 Ploiesti Vest – Pajura (EA 692)
– CFR Marfa – 30231 Ploiesti Vest – Pajura (EC 060)
– CFR Marfa – 30232 Balotesti – Ploiesti Cring (EA 692)
– CFR Marfa – 30232 Balotesti – Ploiesti Cring (BR 294)
– CFR Marfa – 30233 Ploiesti Vest – Balotesti (BR 294)

– IR 15531 Bucuresti Nord – Ploiesti Vest (EA 692)
– IR 473 Ploiesti Vest – Bucuresti Nord (EA 692)
– IR 473 Ploiesti Vest – Bucuresti Nord (EC 060)
– IR 1527 Bucuresti Nord – Brasov – Sibiu (EA 692)
– R 3001 Bucuresti Nord – Ploiesti Vest (EA 692)
– R 3002 Ploiesti Vest – Bucuresti Nord (EA 692)
– R 3007 Bucuresti Nord – Ploiesti Vest (EA 692)
– R 3007 Bucuresti Nord – Ploiesti Vest (EC 096)
– R 3012 Ploiesti Vest – Bucuresti Nord (EA 692)
– R 3012 Ploiesti Vest – Bucuresti Nord (EC 060)
– R 7033 Bucuresti Nord – P.O. Aeroport – Balotesti (BR294)
– R 8122 Balotesti – P.O. Aeroport – Bucuresti Nord (BR294)


Special thanks

We will like to send a big thank you to all the people involved in this project over the years, regardless of the team they belong to.



After purchasing this asset it might take up to a max. of 24h until the license will be generated for you. In most cases, the license will become available in your account right after the payment is completed and confirmed.

It is mandatory right before the purchase checkout that you provide your Steam profile link. If you don’t know your profile link or don’t know where to find it, don’t worry you will find more info about that, right on the checkout page. The license is valid for only one profile, so be careful to enter the link address correctly.

If you encounter any problems regarding this asset or you don’t find your license in your account, let us know at:
office@train-motion.com or Facebook Messenger.



This product cannot be redistributed and modified in any form without authors permission.

Redistribution on any other website or forum except www.train-motion.com is strictly forbidden and will entail permanent deactivation of your account on www.train-motion.com and related official pages and we will no longer sell to you any of our future or existing products. (Every asset contains info about its owner)

Reverse engineering on this asset or other parts of it is strictly forbidden.
(that means the models, the textures, sounds, the configs)


If you really like trains and what we do for this simulator, please support us by not encouraging piracy of these assets. It’s a huge amount of time and effort involved in the process of creating this level of realism and piracy will just make the authors no longer publish their work.



Generall rating:

4.71 out of 5 based on 7 customer ratings


  1. Writen by:

    5 out of 5


    Beautiful and extremely real life accurate route. Probably the best one I’ve seen so far in this simulator. Great job! My only issue with it is related to the dependencies, I have roads, vegetation and rail bridges missing. Also putting wagons in form of objects on the sidings would add to the realism and the route wouldn’t feel so empty. Can’t wait for the update which includes every update so that I can enjoy this masterpiece. Great job guys!

  2. Truckermax

    Writen by:


    Ruta include si materialul rulant ?

    • negru13

      Writen by:


      Salut, nu include material rulant, cel folosit in scenarii este din european assets pack. Update-ul pana la Ploiesti va contine si material rulant romanesc.

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